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Written by Goulin Khoge
November 24, 2022

See people who gave me unfollow on LinkendIn


I discovered by chance a view in LinkedIn that shows the list of people who are following you, you can find it in: My profile -> Activity -> N followers, or by going to www.linkedin.com/feed/followers:

An example of followers page
An example of followers page

I also know that there is a page where you can see your connections, so I noticed that the people who are following me are fewer than the people that I'm connected with (2)!

A screenshot of my profile

Getting the list of connections and followers in JSON

Having only 2 people who gave me an "unfollow" probably means that I'm not that pushy in terms of sharing and resharing content! However, I'm still curious to know who these people are 🥸

I wrote a script that I run when viewing my profile, which gives me the list of people that I'm connected with:

const connections = []; const wait = (t) => new Promise((s) => setTimeout(s, t)); const queryConnections = () => [ ...document.querySelectorAll( ".entity-result__content span > a > span > span:nth-child(1)" ), ].map((e) => e.textContent.trim()); const getMyConnections = async () => { for (let i = 0; i < 11; i++) { window.scrollTo(0, document.body.scrollHeight); connections.push(...queryConnections()); await wait(500); document.querySelector(".ember-view button[aria-label='Next']").click(); await wait(1500 + Math.floor(Math.random() * 2000)); } connections.push(...queryConnections()); }; getMyConnections().then(console.log(connections));

The next step is to get the other list, using the same strategy. I wrote another script that I run in the followers' view of the current working URL, which gives me the list of people that are following me:

const wait = (t) => new Promise((s) => setTimeout(s, t)); const gotoEndOfPage = async () => { while (document.querySelector(".scaffold-finite-scroll__load-button")) { window.scrollTo(0, document.body.scrollHeight); await wait(2000); } }; const getMyFollowers = async () => { await gotoEndOfPage(); return [ ...document.querySelectorAll( ".feed-following-list .follows-recommendation-card__name" ), ].map((e) => e.textContent.trim()); }; let followers; getMyFollowers().then((r) => { followers = r; console.log(followers); });

Now let's see which of our colleagues aren't interested in what we say 🤯

// const connections = [...] // const followers = [...] followersSet = new Set(followers); loosers = connections.filter((person) => !followersSet.has(person)); console.log( "connections to remove:\n", loosers.map((e) => `\t- john doe`).join("\n") );

Final results
Final results

Final thoughts

Jokes aside, there are a lot of reasons a person may unfollow you on LinkedIn. Don't take it too personally.