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Written by Goulin Khoge
November 24, 2022

See people who gave me unfollow on LinkendIn


I discovered by chance a view in LinkedIn that shows the list of people who are following you, you can find it in: My profile -> Activity -> N followers, or by going to www.linkedin.com/feed/followers:

An example of followers page
An example of followers page

I also know that there is a page where you can see your connections, so I noticed that the people who are following me are fewer than the people that I'm connected with (2)!

A screenshot of my profile

Getting the list of connections and followers in JSON

Having only 2 people who gave me an "unfollow" probably means that I'm not that pushy in terms of sharing and resharing content! However, I'm still curious to know who these people are πŸ₯Έ

I wrote a script that I run when viewing my profile, which gives me the list of people that I'm connected with:

const connections = []; const wait = (t) => new Promise((s) => setTimeout(s, t)); const queryConnections = () => [ ...document.querySelectorAll( ".entity-result__content span > a > span > span:nth-child(1)" ), ].map((e) => e.textContent.trim()); const getMyConnections = async () => { for (let i = 0; i < 11; i++) { window.scrollTo(0, document.body.scrollHeight); connections.push(...queryConnections()); await wait(500); document.querySelector(".ember-view button[aria-label='Next']").click(); await wait(1500 + Math.floor(Math.random() * 2000)); } connections.push(...queryConnections()); }; getMyConnections().then(console.log(connections));

The next step is to get the other list, using the same strategy. I wrote another script that I run in the followers' view of the current working URL, which gives me the list of people that are following me:

const wait = (t) => new Promise((s) => setTimeout(s, t)); const gotoEndOfPage = async () => { while (document.querySelector(".scaffold-finite-scroll__load-button")) { window.scrollTo(0, document.body.scrollHeight); await wait(2000); } }; const getMyFollowers = async () => { await gotoEndOfPage(); return [ ...document.querySelectorAll( ".feed-following-list .follows-recommendation-card__name" ), ].map((e) => e.textContent.trim()); }; let followers; getMyFollowers().then((r) => { followers = r; console.log(followers); });

Now let's see which of our colleagues aren't interested in what we say 🀯

// const connections = [...] // const followers = [...] followersSet = new Set(followers); loosers = connections.filter((person) => !followersSet.has(person)); console.log( "connections to remove:\n", loosers.map((e) => `\t- john doe`).join("\n") );

Final results
Final results

Final thoughts

Jokes aside, there are a lot of reasons a person may unfollow you on LinkedIn. Don't take it too personally.